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Samsung set to use a touch-based fingerprint sensor on the Galaxy S6

The company’s next flagship could offer a fingerprint sensor as accurate as the iPhone. 

Samsung set to use a touch-based fingerprint sensor on the Galaxy S6

Apple wasn’t the first manufacturer to put a fingerprint sensor on a smartphone, but it was certainly the first that had an implementation that brought fingerprint scanners on phones to the mainstream. Samsung, naturally, followed up with its own take on the fingerprint sensor, but unlike Apple’s accurate touch sensor, the Korean manufacturer opted for a swipe-based unit.

Samsung’s version was nowhere as accurate or easy to use as Apple’s, but the company still persisted with the fingerprint sensor by putting it on quite a few devices, like the Galaxy S5, Galaxy Alpha, and the Galaxy Note 4. However, it seems that with the Galaxy S6, Samsung will finally move to a touch-based fingerprint sensor, if a report from SamMobile is to believed.

According to SamMobile’s sources, the Galaxy S6’s sensor will work the same way as the iPhone’s, and while no new functions are under testing at the moment, it is expected to carry over the fingerprint features found on existing Samsung devices, such as the ability to log in to websites, make payments, or hide personal files and folders. For those that wish Samsung would get rid of the hard home button, this is bad news – while the fingerprint sensor itself will improve, it will mean that Samsung will continue sticking with the home button, despite redesigning the Galaxy S6 from scratch.

As usual, there’s no guarantee this information is accurate, but given SamMobile’s past record, it probably isn’t entirely wrong either (meaning Samsung could at least be trying out such a sensor, even if it doesn’t implement it in the final product.) Apple has a huge lead with the iPhone’s fingerprint sensor, so Samsung surely needs to step up its game, and it will be interesting to see whether the Korean giant is able to match the effortlessness and intuitiveness of what Apple offers on its flagship.

Source: SamMobile

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