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Samsung sells 1 million devices every day, launches new dev tools

Samsung announces sales numbers and launches new SDKs for developers at its global developer conference in San Francisco.

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Samsung is conducting its first global developer conference in San Francisco this week, and during the keynote, executive vice president of Samsung’s Innovation Center David Eun announced that the South Korean manufacturer is selling a million devices on a daily basis. He had mentioned that Samsung sold over 250 million devices so far in 2013, and that number is for mobiles and tablets.

Samsung is the de facto leader in the Android arena, and manages to outsell every other manufacturer ten-to-one. Earlier this month Samsung announced that its Galaxy S4 sold 40 million units worldwide in just six months.

Samsung has also introduced a set of five new SDKs that assist developers in tailoring their software to run better on Samsung’s hardware. The most notable is the Samsung Multiscreen SDK, which allows users to stream video content and mirror their screens on other devices. For instance, users will be able to stream a video from their mobile device to a Samsung smart TV.

Samsung is also collaborating with Unity Technologies in launching a gaming engine that uses its Multiscreen SDK. Through this engine, users will be able to stream their games to a TV, with their mobile functioning as the console. This functionality is similar to what Nvidia offers with its Shield handheld console.

Samsung also launched new tools for its smart TVs, and collated all its individual packages into a single Samsung Mobile SDK. These utilities should be available to developers soon, and should provide a significant boost to the Samsung content ecosystem.

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