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Samsung S2 Portable 160GB Hard Disk Review

Instead of dressing a drive with the aluminium look that tech geeks adore, or with an almost never-ending list of colours, Samsung came to the party with fashionable looking drives that would probably get much attention from everyone, including the ladies.

I’m sure some of you have came across the Samsung Costume hard drive concept back in late July. It was styled in such a way that it looked completely at home when placed together with various make up products. Probably it would be a hit with the ladies if it went into production.

Fast forward to the end of the year, and we have here with us the Samsung S2 portable hard disk. If you just took a quick glance at the S2, we would forgive you if you mistook it to be the Costume concept drive. The outer shell design looks rather similar to the concept drive, just that its edges look sharper than the latter.


The stylish and cleanly designed S2 is available in four colors; piano black, snow white, wine red, and chocolate brown to suit different tastes.

Let’s move on and take a closer look of the drive itself.

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