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Samsung plant guilty of exposing female worker to carcinogens

A female working in the chip production area of Samsung developed breast cancer while being exposed to caustic chemicals.  Family was awarded compensation for her death.

The Associated Press has reported that South Korea's Worker’s Compensation and Welfare Service government agency stated on Friday, December 14th that an employee working at a Samsung Electronics factory did develop breast cancer from exposure to carcinogenic elements in a computer chip production area of the plant. 

The Korea Workers' Compensation and Welfare Service, official statement was that there was a "considerable causal relationship" between the female who developed breast cancer while she worked in the chip assembly section of the plant.  The woman whose name was withheld for privacy was said to have worked at Samsung from 1995-2000 and passed away in March of 2012, three years after being diagnosed with breast cancer. According to the Welfare agency, they stated that the cancer was likely attributed to the woman being exposed to different organic solvents and radiation.

The agency awarded the family compensation for her death; however, a spokesman for Samsung stated that the company would not be seeking an appeal in the matter.  This is the fourth case in which an employee, who worked for Samsung, or the family of such, was awarded compensation for unsafe working conditions.  In 2011, it was ruled that two former Samsung employees got cancer from working in the semiconductor area of the plant, and in April of this year one former employee who suffered from aplastic anemia was awarded compensation as well.

The purpose of the Korea Worker’s Compensation and Welfare Service is to process and make rulings in regards to claims from workers who say they have a disease or illness attributed to working conditions.  Contrary to most countries, employees file directly with the agency, and not the company they work for.  If the person’s case is thrown out, they have the right to appeal, and the same for the company found negligent. There have been 30 claims filed by employees who have worked for Samsung stating that they developed some form of a disease from working at Samsung, many of which have been thrown out.



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