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Samsung plans to launch more Windows Phone 7 in 2011


After the announcement to drop Symbian OS, Samsung is left with Android, Windows Phone 7, as well as their own Bada mobile platform. Even though the number of Windows Phones are lesser than the smartphones from the other two camps this year, the Korean company intends to roll out more Windows Phones next year.

According to a pie chart from iMobile, Samsung intends to launch more smartphones based on the latest Microsoft Windows Phones 7 platform next year. 32% of the Samsung smartphone portfolio for 2011 will be Android, while Windows Phone 7 will take up 63%, which is about twice that of Google’s mobile operating system. Samsung’s own Bada platform will occupy the remaining 6%.

Currently, other phone makers are still monitoring the progress of Windows Phone 7, while Google’s Android platform has become world’s number two mobile operating system. Samsung has achieved great success this year with their Android smartphones, like the Galaxy S, and perhaps the reason why Google chose the Korean maker to build the Nexus S. 

But this seems contradicting when the company shows its plan to build more Windows Phone 7 next year. Maybe Samsung has great confidence in Windows Phone 7 and we can only wait and see the products they bring out for this platform.

Source: imobile.com.cn

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