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Samsung Plans Single Platform For Phone And TV


Samsung is planning to develop a joint software platform for its mobile phones and televisions. The common platform would allow developers to create apps that could run on both devices and even cross-communicate and work with one another. On top of that, the Korean manufacturer has also announced the [email protected] 322 mobile phone with dual SIM card slot.

According to Kyungsik Kevin Lee, vice president at Samsung’s Visual Display Division, the company “have a plan to have a single platform for Samsung TV and phones”. There is no estimated timeline as to when the platform would be available, and that the developers are working on it.

Samsung is one of the few manufacturers of both phone and display, the others being LG and Sony, who is able to come up with a singular platform that works on both products (or even others). This could be an attraction for developers who can develop innovative apps that will work on both products, or allowing one to work seamlessly with the other. On the other hand, it may also boost sales of both products.

Source: Reuters

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