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Samsung officially unveils white Galaxy SII smartphone

Apple may have set the stage for a showdown with its successful demand for an injunction on the Korean electronics giant's Galaxy Tab 10.1 and an ongoing demand for a ban on all of Samsung's telecommunications lineup in the US, but it is clear that the company is not about to let the obstacle that is Apple stand in the way of new product releases. And apparently, the rumours of a white Galaxy SII smartphone were indeed true, for Samsung has unveiled the existence of such a phone in Korea yesterday, proclaiming it as the result of its goal in striving to meet the needs of consumers.

If Samsung's phones could act like humans, we'd wager that the Korean electronics giant's latest smartphone to be released yesterday in its domestic market will be thumbing its nose at Apple in response's to the Cupertino giant's demands to have the company's entire telecommunications lineup blocked in the US. This is because Samsung has just announced the availability of a white variant of its bestselling Galaxy SII smartphone in Korea, thus officially confirming the rumours about such a smartphone that have been circulating around online in recent months.

According to Samsung, the white Galaxy SII is designed to place emphasis on a smartphone's “sophistication and beauty”; thus resulting in the decision to encase the smartphone in a completely white body with a white screen bezel. As it is essentially still the same Galaxy SII smartphone under the hood, users who purchase a white Galaxy SII will immediately gain access to every single feature that is already present on the current black Galaxy SII, such as its use of AMOLED screens and high performance processors.

No information about the white Galaxy SII's global availability or pricing has been announced by Samsung at this point of time, although the Korean electronics giant has mentioned that the smartphone should start popping up on its domestic retail shelves today.

Source: Samsung Korea

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