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Samsung mocks unannounced iPhone 6 in ‘screen envy’ Galaxy S5 commercial

Samsung’s publicity tactics have come to routinely incorporate recurrent anti-Apple digs, but the latest Galaxy S5 commercial takes things to a whole new level, poking fun at an unreleased, unannounced iPhone.

Galaxy S5 commercial

For all we know, the iPhone 6 could be a big, fat fake. I mean, the iPhone 6, as rumor mongers depict it, since some sort of iPhone 5s sequel has to be in the works. Nevertheless, we really know nothing on how Apple plans to fend off the Galaxy S5, Note 4, LG G3, HTC One M8, etc., etc.

Based on countless leaks, some that reek of falsehood from miles away, others seemingly plausible, many would be ready to bet fortunes on Cupertino finally taking the “iPhablet” route this fall. But as the late Steve Jobs insisted large-screen handhelds were a passing fad, and Tim Cook himself hesitated to go big when everyone else did it, Apple can’t escape the joking banter of its rivals.

The most vocal will undoubtedly be Samsung, which has already begun ridiculing the purported 4.7/5.5-inch future iPhones. And along with them, fanboys who’ve been waiting for “the next big thing” (literally) when said big guy was here: the Galaxy S5.


Hilariously dubbed “wall huggers” a few weeks back on account of their addiction to power sources, iPhone aficionados are now accused of “screen envy”. Clearly, a larger display doesn’t a better gadget make, but hey, Sammy does have a point.

For a company whose middle name was supposed to be “innovation”, Tim Cook’s outfit is sure (unfashionably) late to the phablet party. And mind you, the 5.5-inch iPhone 6 could well materialize next year, with a still fairly tiny 4.7 incher almost certainly landing in time for 2014’s holiday season.

Trouble in Cupertino paradise? Sales numbers don’t seem to suggest that’s the case. Not yet.

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