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Samsung May Unveil a Foldable Phone in the Third Quarter This Year

Remember how we said flexible and bendable phones were the future? Samsung seems to have brought us one step closer to that dream and appears to have already sorted out the wrinkles on the rumoured foldable phone it’s been working on, possibly reveiling this handset later in the year.

The Korea Herald says that Samsung is working on a phone that will possess a flexible display which can be unfolded open into a 7-inch tablet. The electronics giant expects to ship over 100,000 units during the 3rd quarter.

It was reported that the company had initially wanted to build a fold-in phone. However, it abandoned the plan after concerns being raised that users would have to unfold their phone every time they hoped to use them.

Samsung has yet to give a comment on the matter.

The power behind a foldable phone is that these phones gives you a smaller, more portable device to carry around. What this could do, is pretty much double the size of your screen. However, they are also fraught with technical difficulties, including the question on how rigid parts, like circuit boards, may have to use a different configuration within itself and how they are going to be manufactured such that they become bendable.


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