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Samsung may soon offer the Galaxy S7 in ‘glossy black’


According to reports out of Korea, Samsung could start selling the Galaxy S7 in a new ‘Glossy Black’ shade to take on Apple’s Jet Black iPhone 7. Samsung apparently feels that the current Onyx Black is “too matte”. With the new glossy black option, Samsung hopes it can attract more buyers towards the Galaxy S7.

The Jet Black and Matte Black color options for the Apple iPhone 7 have proved to be extremely popular, so it is no wonder that Samsung feels it too can achieve higher sales by launching a glossier shade of black for its flagship smartphone. After permanently discontinuing the Galaxy Note 7, Samsung recently introduced the Blue Coral shade for the Galaxy S7 Edge, which is now available from all the four major carriers in the United States.

In South Korea, the new Blue Coral Galaxy S7 Edge has reportedly achieved great response from consumers, helping it outsell the iPhone 7 in its home country. The Blue Coral option, which launched on November 11th, is said to be selling around 15,000 units on average every day, compared to 10,000 unit sales achieved by the iPhone 7 in recent weeks. Along with generous cash benefits, the new glossy black shade for the Galaxy S7 is likely to receive a great response as well. Since Samsung had to permanently discontinue the Galaxy Note 7 last month, it is spending all its resources on marketing the Galaxy S7 and the Galaxy S7 Edge to help minimize the impact on profits until the Galaxy S8 arrives in April next year.

Source: The Investor

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