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Samsung makes Galaxy Grand Max official, flaunts Galaxy A7 in Malaysia

Lousy consolation for the CES 2015 absence, but we’ll take it.

Samsung Galaxy Grand Max

Although Samsung was certainly not kidding when announcing a shift in strategy, with growing focus on mobile device quality rather than quantity, the brand dilution continues in certain parts of the world. South Korea just got yet another slightly tweaked Galaxy Grand version, this one called Max and eerily similar to the 12-month-old Grand 2.

True, the OG ran Android 4.3 Jelly Bean upon launch, but between then and now, it scored a 4.4 KitKat upgrade. That’s the same software iteration smoothing out the “new” Grand Max, which is awfully disappointing, given the 5.25 incher is technically 64-bit Lollipop-ready with a quad-core Snapdragon 410 processor inside.

By the way, that’s probably the biggest change the Grand Max brings about, alongside a significant megapixel boost for both its cameras. Whereas the Galaxy Grand 2 features 8 and 1.9 MP shooters, the Max ups the ante to 13 and 5 respectively.

Galaxy Grand Max

Unfortunately, it does nothing to improve autonomy, actually lowering the battery capacity bar from 2,600 to 2,500 mAh. Hopefully, the S410 will prove more efficient than its S400 predecessor.

Aesthetically, there’s not much to separate the two handhelds, albeit the Max does shave an even mm off Grand 2’s profile, which now sits at a slender 7.9 mm. Sporting HD screen resolution, the fresh budget phablet soldier is hardly a powerhouse, with 1.5 GB RAM under the hood.

But it’s reasonably priced, at the equivalent of $290 in Korea, so who knows, maybe Samsung plans to release it in Europe as well before long.

Galaxy A7

On a semi-related note, Sam Mobile has circumstantial evidence as to Galaxy A3 and A5’s imminent rollout on the old continent, while the elusive A7 just showed its face, wasp waist and all-metal frame in Malaysia, also previewing an Asian launch in the near future.

How near? Two, three weeks, maybe. Just don’t hold your breath for a rapid, wide global expansion. The A7 is still believed to have production difficulties, and expected out in limited quantities.

Sources: Samsung Tomorrow, Phone Arena, Sam Mobile, Soya Cincau

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