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Samsung launches new Sense Series 3 300V notebooks with five colour choices

For the most part, notebooks are typically made available for sale to consumers in any colour they want, as long as it is black, blue, red, or white, but leave it to Samsung to raise the bar for colour variety with its new line of Samsung Sense Series 3 300V series of notebooks that have just been launched today. According to the Korean electronics giant, the new notebooks have been designed with the needs of today's style-conscious youths in mind.

Notebooks are a must-have for most students and working adults today, but the fact remains that choosing an appropriately coloured notebook to one's liking is not always the easiest of tasks, and for good reason. After all, most OEMs will prefer to play it safe by offering their notebooks in only a variety of standard colours for sale, but leave it to Samsung to buckle that trend with the launch of its new Samsung Sense Series 3 300V series of notebooks, which are reportedly available in five different colour choices, namely pink, blue, silver, orange and black.

According to Samsung, the new notebooks, which are reportedly designed to cater to the needs of younger and more fashion-conscious consumers, will be available in both 13-inch and 14-inch display sizes. In addition, the machine translation of Samsung's announcement claims that the new laptops will make use of non-reflective displays to help reduce the problem with screen glare.

On the hardware side, Samsung has confirmed that the new Sense Series 3 300V series of notebooks will be powered by Intel's second generation Core i7 processors to ensure optimal performance for most daily computing tasks, while graphics is handled by NVIDIA's GT520MX GPU, along with Optimus switchable graphics technology to help maximize battery life. Lastly, the notebooks will also reportedly be bundled with hard disks sporting capacities of up to 640GB and 4GB of memory.

Samsung has not provided any information pertaining to the availability of its new Sense Series 3 300V series of notebooks, although the Korean electronics giant has claimed that the 14-inch version of the notebooks will be sold at the price of 430,000 won (approx US$400), while the 15-inch variants will be priced between 890,000 – 1,400,000 won (approx US$454 – US$1,300).

Source: Samsung Korea

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