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Samsung to launch devices with folding displays in 2015, will focus on software

Samsung announced its intentions to launch devices with fully foldable screens by 2015, and said that it will focus its attention on making software more robust.


The Galaxy Round may be the first offering in a long line of devices that feature YOUM display technology, as Samsung said at its analyst day that intends to launch devices with fully foldable displays by 2015.

The technology will make its way to mobile devices, tablets and wearable gadgets. Samsung will introduce devices with a bendable screen tech next year, and will launch foldable screens in 2015.


The screen resolution on these devices is also set to receive a boost, as the South Korean manufacturer said that it is looking to include WQHD resolution (2560 x 1440) screens on its devices next year.  And in 2015, it intends to launch devices that feature a screen with 4K resolution (3840 x 2160).

CFO Lee Sang-hoon mentioned that this year will see Galaxy Note sales touching 100 million. Lee said that work is underway on tweaking software features and making them more usable. To do so, he said that Samsung has established overseas R&D centres and hired more software engineers.  JK Shin said during the call that 4G LTE is a major factor for growth, and that around half of all mobile devices will likely include 4G technology by 2017.

Also announced today was the fact that Samsung will work on custom 64-bit chips that will be based on ARM’s reference design. We will likely see the first such offering early next year, and the 64-bit architecture could even make its way onto the Galaxy S5.

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