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The tradeoffs with SSDs over mechanical drives has always been capacity. Most users willingly compromise given the sheer increase in performance. That isn’t the case anymore, as Samsung unveiled its first 16TB SSD, making it the largest-capacity drive available, mechanical or ones that feature flash memory.

The PM1633a will be catered to the enterprise segment and utilizes Samsung’s latest 256Gb 3D V-NAND flash memory with a 48-layer 3-bit MLC. The drive will feature a mindboggling 15.36TB of usable space, with Samsung placing 480 units of the 32GB die to get to that much storage, all while retaining a 2.5-inch form factor.


At the launch event during the Flash Memory Summit, Samsung demoed 48 of these drives in a server environment, resulting in total storage of 768 TB and 2,000,000 IOPS. In addition to the world’s largest drive, Samsung introduced the PM1725. Dubbed the world’s fastest SSD, the 3.2TB drive reaches up to 1,000,000 IOPS, connecting via NVMe.

With Samsung throwing down the gauntlet, other vendors have announced their intention to get a higher-storage SSDs out into the market. Intel’s 10TB NVMe offering will be available some time next year, while SanDisk has also announced that its 16TB solution will be unveiled in 2016.

Source: Myce

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