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Samsung is now the world’s most profitable smartphone maker

This quarter, Samsung posted a larger profit than Apple. Will this impact the patent and licensing disputes the companies have before the courts?


This part quarter, Apple made less money than Samsung in the smartphone business.

Apple announced Tuesday it posted a profit of $6.9 billion on $35.2 billion in revenue, selling 31.2 million iPhones. Samsung’s most recent quarterly report had it posting $8.33 billion in profit on $50 billion in revenue, selling 71 million phones.

Granted, Samsung has many more phones than Apple. While Apple’s business model is such that is has its flagship phone, and the last-generation of phone on shelves, Samsung has a diverse array of phones in different form factors.

Apple is expected to launch a refreshed batch of hardware this fall, but it has a mighty gap to jump over to get its figures close to Samsung.

As Apple and Samsung have a series of unresolved licensing and patent issues before the courts, it will be interesting to see how these figures will play into Samsung’s David versus Goliath narrative.

It should also be noted that Samsung’s figures are not yet audited.

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