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Samsung hopes “Premium Suite” update will excite Galaxy S III users

Galaxy SIII

Samsung pushes "Premium Suite" update for the Galaxy SIII. This includes a boatload of new features.

The Galaxy SIII is due for a feature upgrade! Samsung recently announced that the Galaxy SIII will be receiving the “Premium Suite” update in the near future for all SIII users to look forward to. The most notable feature? Running multiple apps at the same time. This update will allow the SIII to do what its cousin the Galaxy Note II already does; run side-by-side apps. This comes as a great extension to the SIII’s ability to run a video within other screens. Other notable new features include a Facebook Lock Ticker, which displays newsfeed information on your lock screen, a contextual menu for listing most-used apps, and several camera features including contextual tagging for date, weather, place, etc.

Other camera features include:

  1. Paper Artist-  Change the mood of your pictures

  2. Low Light Shot – Self explanatory

  3. Best Face – Takes five pictures and lets you choose the best face for each person

  4. Easy Snap – The camera informs you of how many faces it can detect in the preview

For a full list of upcoming features see the sources below. Unfortunately, the timeline for receiving the new update varies by country and carrier. The SIII recently became the world’s best-selling smart phone with 18 million sold in Q3 2012.

Source: Samsung Tomorrow

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