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Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 sales ban lifted

The sales ban placed on the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 by US courts back in June, pending the Apple-vs-Samsung, trial has been overturned. This follows the jury's findings that Samsung was not infringing upon Apple's patents. 

The North District court of California has lifted the US sales ban preliminarily placed on Samsung's Galaxy Tab 10.1. The ban was initially placed on Samsung's tablet ahead of trial, in June, following litigation between Apple and Samsung over patent disputes. Samsung was similarly banned from sales in Europe last year, but there too, the ban was overturned in all countries except Germany.

Central to the primary dispute regarding the Galaxy Tab 10.1, was Apple's D´889 patent, which protects the overall design of the iPad. However, the jury in the high profile Apple-vs-Samsung trial of last month, found that the Samsung tablet was not infringing upon this patent at all. As a result, Samsung requested that the US sales ban on the device be lifted, as well a USD 2.6 million bond, which was to be paid out if the injunction upon Samsung was determined to be unnecessary. It is also likely that Samsung will be asking for damages following loss of sales.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1


The overturned ban follows a ruling from September 28th, in which the US Federal Circuit Court of Appeals gave US District Judge Lucy Koh the right to overturn the ban on US sales of the device. Koh was the judge who initially issued the sales ban on the tablet, at that time being convinced enough of Samsung's wrongdoing that the ban was placed ahead of trial. Though the judge initially refused to rule on the matter again, she eventually did overturn the ban, adhering to the jury's findings.

The Galaxy Tab 10.1 still has a battle ahead of it though; Apple's "rule 50 motion" hopes to overturn the jury's decision in December. If successful, The tablet would then see a permanent ban in the United States.

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