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Samsung Galaxy SIII mini to launch soon

If the Galaxy SIII is too big for your hand to handle (not to mention also quite pricey), then perhaps a “mini” version of the SIII will be small enough to fit in your itty bitty little hand.  Samsung announced earlier that it will unveil the Galaxy SIII mini soon.

The majority of today’s high end smartphones are 4.5+ inch devices, but Samsung’s latest SIII mini will have feature a 4-inch display instead.   The miniaturized version of the 4.8-inch Galaxy SIII won’t be that much smaller, so there’s no fretting whether or not it’ll be a useable device.  There are, however, concerns when we’re talking about what components are going to be packed inside the smaller SIII.

Currently, the international version of the SIII features the quad-core Exynos, with the regional specific ones powered by dual-core Snapdragons.  It’s unlikely that Samsung will outfit the mini with their quad-core beast; therefore, it is likely that the dual-core (Snapdragon or not) will be the CPU of choice.

A 4-inch dual-core Android smartphone seems pretty ordinary, but maybe Samsung will knock people’s socks off with some other awesome features.  However, it is more plausible that the SIII mini will be more of a marketing tactic than it is a launch of a great device. 

The Galaxy SIII has garnered great reviews from its users, so why not produce a phone with the same name—but adding the “mini” after it.

The components inside the mini will not likely be on the same level as that of the normal-sized SIII, but heck, if it’s useable and free with a contract then it will probably sell.

Samsung has announced that the SIII mini will make its official world debut in Germany on Thursday.

Source: inews24 via gsmarena

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