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Samsung Galaxy S8 – A giant leap forward

While almost half of smartphones sold are iPhones, and the Apple dominance of the market seems to be a fait accompli for the foreseeable future, there’s another truth to be acknowledged in the world of digital devices – some people will always prefer Android phones.

That being said, while Apple are the market leaders in smartphones, there is a battle on to be the best Android provider, and many people feel that Samsung are in the box seat in that respect. So with the Galaxy S8 being Samsung’s latest attempt to dent the Apple dominance, what can the Korean giants offer Android fans and iPhone users who are unconvinced by the latest iPhones?

The best screen in the market?

Unlike the latest Apple models, the S8 does not offer an edge-to-edge screen, but here comes a heretical statement: that doesn’t matter. It’s pretty close to being edge-to-edge anyway, with narrow bezels on all sides, but the 5.8-inch Quad HD screen itself is so good that size is a pretty trifling concern. The depth and crispness of the display are unrivalled in smartphone screens, and the technology used makes it possible to see the screen in the brightest of sunlight, while being adaptable enough to be looked at in the dark without imprinting on your eyeballs for hours afterwards.

A proper gaming phone?

Fans of online gaming will know that Galaxy phones have been among the best for playing games, and the S8 is another step forward in this regard. Whether you’re a word game fan or a casino gamer ready to click here for a world of roulette games, the phone is fast and responsive, and you can deactivate the home button during games so the old problem of accidentally pressing it – and thus losing hard-won momentum – is a thing of the past. The size of the display, too, is a positive aspect here; you don’t need to be painstakingly precise with your presses as with some other phones.

VR Compatibility which is just going to get better

One of Samsung’s strong points has always been their willingness to embrace future trends, and with Virtual Reality an idea whose time has come the S8 is one of the first phones set to make real use of it. The handset is compatible with a range of headsets that are currently, and set to become, available. In fact, Samsung are so wired in to VR compatibility that some of their retailers are set to offer headsets as free sweeteners to people who buy an S8 on a contract. Given their prioritisation of crisp displays and a fun gaming experience, this is likely to be very good news for VR adopters.

Price: Not Cheap, But Not THAT Expensive

Sure, the price is not chump change, but it is markedly less expensive than the buggy iPhone X. Considering the functionality you’re getting, and the compatibility that it offers, the Galaxy S8 is one of the best-value options in the current wave of smartphones.



Samsung continue to build their reputation as leaders in the Android smartphone market. If you’ve never had a Samsung phone before, then this might be the one to change your mind.


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