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Samsung Galaxy S6 tipped for two-flavor March intro, round watch also incoming

Get ready to welcome the Galaxy S6, S6 Edge, and… Gear R?

Galaxy Note Edge

To say Samsung had a strangely subdued CES 2015 showing last week in Las Vegas would probably be a huge understatement. The tech titan almost completely snubbed this year’s Consumer Electronics Show, presenting a couple of TVs (yawn), and an SSD that’s actually pretty cool but it’s ultimately just an SSD.

Fret not, Samsung Mobile rooters, as report after report after report discredits the idea this could be illustrative of the company’s lower-key plans going forward. The latest is being put out there by the most credible source yet, and hints at the introduction of not one, but two Galaxy S6 versions in no more than a couple of months.

It’s a theory formulated and supported by several publications and “tipsters”, and Business Insider adds a much-needed dose of plausibility in the mix. Apparently, the “standard” GS6 will look to distance itself from previous installments in the series, with a metal (probably all-metal) construction, while the S6 Edge should take a page from Note Edge’s experimental playbook.


Specifically, sport a curved screen of sorts, with two separate touch-enabled areas, the secondary one offering up notifications at a glance sans the typical power consumption. Of course, the execution may slightly differ, and Sammy had better look in LG’s camp for curved design improvement ideas.

Alongside the ultra-high-end smartphone duo, the Korean mobile kings are expected to roll out another attempt at suppressing Apple’s wearable offensive in early March, during what’s starting to sound like an insanely crowded Mobile World Congress conference.

The next member of the Gear family is codenamed Orbis, according to certain sources, and could run Tizen instead of Android to carry the baton of the Gear S. Possibly dubbed Gear R, this upcoming smartwatch is round-faced and thus a lot more elegant than its forerunner, though it remains to be seen if it’s going to be handsomer than Motorola’s Moto G or LG’s G Watch R as well.

Source: Business Insider

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