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Samsung Galaxy S6 might have a variant with a dual-edge display

The latest leak supports previous rumors of Samsung going all in with the Edge variant of the Galaxy S6. 


4GB of RAM? Check. The latest silicon under the hood? Check. A display that curves to both sides of the device? You can probably tick that as a feature on the Galaxy S6 Edge as well, if the latest report about the curved Galaxy S6 variant is to be believed. According to SamMobile, Samsung will be taking things a notch above what we’ve seen on the Galaxy Note Edge, which sports a display that curves to the right side.

The Galaxy S6 Edge (a tentative name) will reportedly employ a similar interface for its side screens as the Note Edge, with users having the option to choose between the right and left Edge displays as default. Samsung will supposedly be building in features like Glance Lighting and color-coded contacts, and will also bring over features from the Note Edge, like the ability to quickly glance at weather and other info, fitness data, details on an incoming call, or the option to use it as an always-on clock at night.

With Samsung’s appeal in the smartphone market showing signs of dying down, it should come as no surprise that the company is working on making the Galaxy S6 the best device it has ever created. The Galaxy S6 Edge certainly sounds like an impressive and rather futuristic smartphone; the dual-edge displays mean it could be rather expensive, but that’s to be expected for something that would be considered more of an experiment than a mainstream device.

Source: SamMobile

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