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Samsung Galaxy S6 due out stateside April 11, more price info transpires

Priced by third-party retailers in a few European markets, the S6 and S6 Edge are decidedly en route to America and several Arab countries starting at roughly $700.

Samsung Galaxy S6

It’s just about settled. There’s no way on God’s green earth Samsung will be able to match HTC’s aggressive One M9 cost policy. But things are nowhere near as bleak as they seemed two weeks ago. Back then, many reckoned the premium metal/glass exteriors of the S6/S6 Edge duo, and especially the latter’s dual curves would drive recommended pricing through the roof.

At least one S6 Edge variant should still command over $/€ 1,000 in the US and on the old continent respectively, which is quite the small fortune. Yet the “entry-level” standard configuration shall go for no more than $/€ 700.

$699 stateside, we’re ready to wager, and the equivalent of $699 in Kuwait, a leaked, legit-looking document suggests. Also, €700 or so in the Netherlands or Italy, and around $715 in Qatar and Bahrain. That’s the model endowed with only 32 GB internal storage, obviously, while 64 and 128 GB versions sporting conventional 5.1-inch screens will cost between $799 and $900, and $899 and $1,050 respectively, depending on all sorts of taxes and import fees.


The hotly anticipated if slightly gimmicky Galaxy S6 Edge? $849 is the safest bet as far as a 32 GB config is concerned, and a whopping $1,049 for the top-of-the-line 128 GB-er. Oddly enough, in Kuwait, Qatar and Bahrain, rumored figures start at $833 and go all the way up to $1,043. You know where to swing by in your next vacation to save a few bucks on 2015’s hottest Android.

Of course, no one can guarantee you these exotic Asian countries will be included in Samsung’s first wave of commercial launches. On the other side of the pond, all big four US carriers are tipped to get a simultaneous first stab at the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge on April 11.

A day later than initially expected, but a lot more fitting, since the two’s predecessor, the somewhat underwhelming GS5, turns one three weeks from Saturday.

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