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Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge post 10 million unit sales worldwide

Impressive number so soon in the two flagship Android phones’ existence, but presumably less remarkable than the early box-office records of the Galaxy S5 and S4.

Samsung Galaxy S6

Once upon a time refreshingly open about the precise shipment figures of its highest-end devices, Samsung turned the page to a much more opaque chapter following unsatisfactory long-term GS5 accomplishments.

Consequently, while the Korean OEM was quick to trumpet the yesteryear spearhead’s 10 million unit milestone feat, we never heard back on 20M or 30M achievements. Granted, the latter digit is probably yet to be reached, but the former must have been an easy target even for a rapid burnout like the S5.

Bottom line, the tech titan’s execs felt such extreme grief over the time it took the waterproof but plasticky 5.1 incher to rise to 20 mil, they skipped a formal announcement altogether. Which doesn’t seem to be the case with S6 and S6 Edge’s first major breakthrough, although we suspect the metal-and-glass duo is failing expectations as well.

Galaxy S6 Edge

That’s right, despite this palpable sense of frenzy surrounding the two, it likely took them over a month to hit 10 million sales. The news comes from a reputable Asian press outlet quoting an unnamed “high-ranking” Samsung official.

Now, it’s true that the company rep refrained from commenting on the exact date the 10M victory was achieved, but we’re guessing if it had happened a week or so ago, we’d have heard something back then.

If it’s only today these reports are gaining traction, it was probably very recently that the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge secured their first big win. Maybe over the weekend, maybe on the Friday before or the Monday after. Remember, April 10 is when the ball started rolling.

In contrast, we know for sure the S5 clocked in at 10 mil after 25 days on store shelves, and the Galaxy S4 needed an extra five days or so to strike gold. The iPhone 6 and 6 Plus? Let’s not even go there, with 10M+ scored in roughly 72 hours, yes, hours.

Source: Yonhap News

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