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Samsung Galaxy S5 rumor overload: no metal, no eye scanning; 20 MP cam, new UI in the cards

As Samsung’s “next big thing” announcement is undoubtedly approaching, the rumor-mongering is officially out of control, with each new day bringing something fresh to the Galaxy S5 mix while at the same time refuting something old and seemingly rock-solid.

Galaxy S5 iris scanner

At this point, the wisest thing to do would be not to trust anyone and just… look away until the heavily anticipated S4 sequel will once and for all go official. But that’s probably easier said than done. Patience may be a virtue, but it’s also darn difficult to procure.

So any anxious mobile tech fans still around? Good, because today might be one of the most crowded S5 rumor-related days in recent weeks. Maybe months. Three stories, equally as exciting (and fishy), are making the rounds, the first of which doesn’t technically involve (only) the S5.

Thanks to our pal and trusted industry insider @evleaks, we can again glance over Samsung’s purported new smartphone user interface, which is allegedly a work in progress and thus not guaranteed to land in time for S5’s commercial rollout.

But it probably will. Only to be frank, it doesn’t look very original. Actually, it kind of blatantly rips off Windows Phone, with a similar arrangement of large, bright “tiles”. Let’s not assume the shocked posture though, as the same can be said about the tablet-specific Magazine UX, introduced with the Galaxy Tab Pro line and Note Pro 12.2.

Samsung UI

Moving on, we have fresh sources out of Korea (where else?) telling us no, the S5 won’t boast innovative iris recognition technology (aka eye scanning), but yes, it will follow Apple and HTC’s suit and allow users to unlock their devices via fingerprints.

Why no “blink to unlock”? Apparently, because the technology is not fully mature and thus would be more uncomfortable than beneficial.

Ironically, another claimed insider, whose track record is however cagey, says the S5 is to incorporate some sort of ocular recognition technique, plus support a “wide range of health accessories”. The mysterious tipster also further “confirms” a 2K, or QHD, display and 2,900 mAh battery, upping the alleged camera sensor ante to 20 MP.

Trying hard to put your faith in this guy’s word? Not so fast, as he’s hardly a bearer of good news, suggesting S5’s design, while overhauled, will continue to rely on plastic as the primary build material. No metal? We’d rather discard the iris scanning gimmick, thank you very much.

Sources: Twitter, Korea Herald, Phone Arena

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