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Samsung Galaxy S5 ‘Prime’ rumors back on the table, launch pegged for May

Gossip of a higher-end, pricier, metal-made, Quad HD display-toting Samsung Galaxy S5 coming just months behind the “regular” S5 refuses to go away, albeit it’s clearly lost some steam.


They say it’s not over until the fat lady sings. And though Samsung’s Galaxy S5 unveil at the Mobile World Congress starred the Barcelona Opera House chamber orchestra in a slightly drawn-out musical moment, there wasn’t much actual singing.

Hence, it might not be game over yet for Samsung, despite their flagship device looking like no worthy rival for Sony’s Xperia Z2. Possibly, not for HTC’s “All New One” either. But what wild cards could the Koreans still hide up their sleeves? A Galaxy Note 3 follow-up? It’s surely too far down the road to already start the rumor-mongering.

How about the alleged “Prime”, or “Premium” Galaxy S5 flavor that surprisingly made no appearance at the Unpacked event on Monday? Before dismissing it as the figment of rampant imagination of self-proclaimed insiders and leak masters, keep in mind multiple sources continue to assert it exists.

There’s Korean online publication ET News, Russian journalist Eldar Murtazin, as well as little-known Italian Twitter user Ricciolo, who must have strong connections on the inside, since he’s followed by @evleaks and SlashGear executive editor Chris Davies.

Galaxy S5-2

According to the three, the “Luxury” S5, codenamed Project F, shall land sometime in May, which is no random timing. Apparently, Samsung wants to sandwich the HTC M8 launch between standard and prime S5 releases, thus ensuring their main competitor will get little media exposure and virtually no chance at achieving blockbuster status.

Once again, the ultra-high-end phone is tipped to rock an all-metal exterior, better screen (read Quad HD, or 2K), octa-core Exynos chip (possibly 64-bit), and improved camera, with optical image stabilization.

Sounds almost too good to be true, I know, which is why you’re advised to take the scoop with caution and an (un) healthy dose of salt.

Sources: Phone Arena, ET News, Twitter

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