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Samsung Galaxy S5 pre-orders live now stateside, here are all the pricing details

Sprint, AT&T, US Cellular and RadioShack have opened Samsung Galaxy S5 pre-orders in the US, charging $200 with contracts and roughly $650 outright, while T-Mobile will be a little late to the party, kicking official registrations into gear on March 24.

Samsung Galaxy S5

They say it’s more of the same. Its Full HD display may soon be deemed outdated, the fingerprint scanner and heart rate monitor are gimmicky, the camera lacks optical image stabilization, and the rear cover design is atrocious.

But at the end of the day, everyone will want a piece of the Galaxy S5. It’s just how the market works. First, we complain. Then, we start to think maybe we expected too much from a simple slab of silicon. Finally, we’ll realize it’s priced perfectly, advertised splendidly and distributed flawlessly.

Case in point, while no one knows when Sony’s Xperia Z2 will go up on American store shelves, a bevy of retailers already accept S5 pre-orders, vowing to ship the device in a matter of weeks.

Where to buy? That’s a pretty good question, and it all depends on your preferred network. If you’re in a hurry, AT&T is probably the best option, as it sells the S5 at $199.99 with pacts, and promises to deliver it at your doorsteps on April 8.

Galaxy S5 AT&T

Ma Bell throws in free $100 bill credit with every purchase, also waiving the customary $36 activation fee. Off-contract, the 5.1 incher is $649.99, and on AT&T Next it’s 26 monthly payments of $25 each, or 20 times $32.50.

Next up, Sprint. Their take on the GS5 ships “close to April 11”, and costs $200 after a $50 mail-in rebate on-contract. Or $0 down if you sign up for a Framily Plan in physical stores, in which case there’s a free Galaxy Tab 3 waiting as well.

Meanwhile, US Cellular’s deal is sweetened by $50 Google Play credit. Their price tag is likewise $200, and the delivery date is April 11. As for Radio Shack, they offer a $50 straight-up discount, plus credit ranging from $75 to $300 for any working phone you may want to get rid of.

Last but not least, T-Mobile’s pre-orders get underway on Monday, with first stocks set to arrive in retail locations on, you guessed it, April 11. Since the “UnCarrier” doesn’t do contracts anymore, their pricing structure works out to $660 paid in monthly installments of $27.50. Upfront, you got nada to cough up. How could anyone turn that down?

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