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Samsung Galaxy S5 Active in the works, headed to AT&T and Sprint ‘among others’

Although the Galaxy S5 is a natural born swimmer, with IP67 certification for water protection as standard, Samsung is reportedly still working on an Active version of its flagship smartphone.


Want diversity and freedom of choice? Samsung is all about that, albeit sometimes it feels like they’re trying too hard, forgetting the point of having a rich, varied gadget lineup. The goal isn’t to dish out as many devices as possible, it’s to make each and every one of them special in their own ways.

Take the rumored upcoming Galaxy S5 Active. What could be the point of Sammy releasing it on Sprint and AT&T, plus several other carriers, according to master leaker @evleaks, when the standard S5 is already dust and water resistant?

Well, one supposition is the Active variant will up the ruggedness ante. And there are actually two ways to do that. The first would be to replace IP67 approval with IP68 or 69, meaning the phone shall handle water immersions beyond 1 m deep or be fully shielded against “close-range high pressure, high temperature spray downs”.

Galaxy S5 water dust

The second possible approach to the delicate issue is a bit of a stretch, but it’s not entirely implausible. If Samsung wants to roll out its toughest Galaxy S family member to date, it could do that by securing MIL-STD-810 certification, thus ensuring the S5 Active can survive solar radiation, rain, humidity, temperature shock and vibration. Basically, everything besides a bullet to the heart.

Allegedly model numbered SM-G870x, the forthcoming smartphone might also ditch a few of its cousin’s top-shelf features. Like the built-in heart rate monitor. Or maybe it’ll take a page from S4 Active’s playbook, swapping S5’s Super AMOLED display with an LCD panel and lowering the camera sensor bar, this time from 16 to 13 MP.

Fingers crossed the S5 Active will ease off in the financial department too, though if it indeed comes with extra ruggedness in tow, it may well cost more than the basic GS5.

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