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Samsung Galaxy S5 Active specs uncovered, Note 4 model number possibly outed

With or without the Galaxy S5 Prime, Samsung refuses to let go of headlines, working on numerous upcoming high-end smartphones, such as the S5 Active, Note 4 and a mystery device that’s either an S5 Neo or some sort of Galaxy Mega sequel.

Galaxy S5 water

The mystifying, seemingly unnecessary “Active” take on the Galaxy S5 is as good as confirmed, following FCC approval and a quick visit at benchmarking authority AnTuTu. But the confusion just keeps growing.

If the information AnTuTu exposed is legit (and it usually is), the S5 Active is in no way different from the standard S5 model. Both big guys sport Full HD screen resolution, punchy 2.5 GHz quad-core Snapdragon 801 CPUs, 2 GB RAM and even the same 16 MP rear cams, prompting the sensible question “why”.

As in, why do we need the S5 Active when the S5 is already shielded against water and dust? Might this SM-G870A replace the Super AMOLED display with an LCD? Perhaps, but it’s way too little to make a difference.


Hence, the only logical supposition is the Active will be sturdier, more rugged than its cousin (twin?), possibly handling tough external conditions better. In other news, the phone is expected on AT&T as SM-G870A as well as Sprint under model number SM-G860.

While we’re on the subject, evleaks has it on good authority AT&T will carry a Samsung SM-G750 and SM-N910 before long too. Some say the former is a more reasonably priced GS5 dubbed S5 Neo, whereas others, namely GSM Arena, believe it’s a Galaxy Mega follow-up with a massive 6-inch screen.

Last but certainly not least, the SM-N910 may well be the Galaxy Note 4. In which case we presume monikers for Sprint, Verizon and T-Mobile should also come to light soon. Too bad there’s literally nothing of substance tied to Note 3’s successor yet. But at worst, the phablet will break cover in September, which is only a few months away. Can you handle the waiting?

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