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Samsung Galaxy S4 and S4 Active now available for free with pacts via Best Buy

Slated to get underway in brick and mortar stores at 6 pm today, Best Buy’s highly anticipated Black Friday “doorbusters” are live early online, with Samsung’s Galaxy S4 and S4 Active two of the all-around stars of the promotion.

Galaxy S4-S4 Active

Both high-end smartphones can be scored through BB for no upfront payment and all you need to do to get in is pen a new carrier agreement with Verizon, AT&T or Sprint in GS4’s case and only AT&T as far as the Active is concerned.

The basic, non-rugged, Super AMOLED-toting variant is available in a wide palette of chromatic combos, starting with the safe choices, black and white, and going through purple all the way to brown, red and “arctic blue”, the last of which is actually a Best Buy exclusive.

The paint job options are far more restrictive on the Galaxy S4 Active, which can only be had in gray or blue. Still, $0 with pacts? That’s an incredibly lucrative special offer, as AT&T charges 100 bucks for the waterproof 5-incher.

Best Buy

The original S4 goes for about as much with contracts on all three networks, albeit you can hope to find it for $50, $20 or even free as part of Black Friday deals with other retailers. But why go on a wild goose chase when Best Buy is a click away?

BB has a number of mobile promos ongoing, all of which have Saturday night as an expiration date. In theory, because some offers may vanish earlier, depending on how well stocks handle increasing demand.

Aside from the two S4s, you can grab the HTC One on Verizon, AT&T or Sprint for $29.99, LG’s G2 for $50 and the no-contract Galaxy S3 at $300. Don’t forget about midnight mystery doorbusters, revealed at 10 pm, and extra in-store doorbusters, available starting 10 am Friday. Now have fun shopping and, you know, eat and drink sensibly.

Source: Best Buy

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