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Samsung Galaxy S4 mini poses in black and white Sprint attire, pink AT&T dress

Of the three major diminutive Android flagship versions unveiled so far, Samsung’s Galaxy S4 mini is probably the least exciting on paper, what with HTC’s One mini rocking a far superior screen and sturdy aluminum build and Sony’s Xperia Z1 mini being… well, simply awesome.

Galaxy S4 Mini Sprint black

Yet if the idea of a “tiny” 4.3-incher with (fairly) solid hardware and up-to-date software makes you tingle with excitement and your wish is to be able to get it as soon as possible in a stateside subsidized flavor, chances are you’ll have to settle for the GS4 mini.

Why is that? Simple, because the One mini can only be had on AT&T, the carrier that’s inexplicably been granted American exclusivity, whereas the Z1 mini is a mere 24 hours old in Japan, with no news on Western availability.

Meanwhile, the GS4 mini hasn’t yet seen daylight on any of America’s leading wireless networks, but apparently it will soon enough on not one, not two, but three. A Verizon-bound flavor has been making the rumor rounds for a couple of months now and can’t be far away, with its Sprint and AT&T counterparts (ev)leaked mere hours ago.

Galaxy S4 Mini Sprint white

As usual, the notorious Twitter leaker has discharged official pressers of the device, meaning we could well be seeing the S4 mini debut on the two carriers by the end of this month. Maybe as soon as next week.

The Now Network is allegedly booked to get the miniature Galaxy S4 in classical black mist and white frost color combos, while Ma Bell will likely get the honor to introduce a so far elusive snazzy pink variant.

Galaxy S4 Mini AT&T

Of course, AT&T can’t possibly launch the S4 mini only in pink, so the same white and black versions as on Sprint are to be expected on America’s second most popular mobile service provider.

As far as specs go, we have no reason to believe any of the two will change anything compared with the “international” GS4 mini, so expect a 960 x 540 pix res screen-toting, dual-core 1.7 GHz CPU and 1.5 GB RAM-packing, Android 4.2-running mid-ranger. Hopefully, for no more than $100 with pacts. $50 would be even better.

Source: Twitter

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