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Samsung Galaxy S IV won’t have a flexible display

Clumsy people who are looking forward to having an unbreakable flexible display technology for the next Galaxy S smartphone will have to keep on wishing.

Sorry folks, Samsung won’t be outfitting the Galaxy S IV with its flexible AMOLED display.  The idea of having a screen that’s virtually unbreakable is definitely something worth looking forward to, but for now Samsung will keep that technology off the shelf. 

The Galaxy S III was one of the most anticipated smartphones this year, and words are that the S IV probably won’t be announced at CES or even MWC.  Despite Samsung’s ‘short-shelf-life’ tactic, the Galaxy S III will probably remain the flagship for possibly another 5-6 months.  The S III became the most popular smartphone when 18 million units were shipped in the third quarter, according to Strategy Analytics

Many are expecting an announcement of the S IV to come in the later part of 2013, and people can expect a 1080p display considering how HTC (among others) has already began utilizing higher res displays in devices like the J Butterfly and Droid DNA. 

When Samsung was developing the S III, the Korean-tech giant took extra precautions when it came to protecting its trade secret.  Samsung engineers reportedly built several prototypes and dummies, and made sure that only the people that were involved in the project knew which were prototypes and which were dummies—even the engineers had a hard time keeping track of the ‘real’ thing.

So throw caution to the wind when the S IV rumors begin to swirl later next year, because Samsung really don’t want people to know anything about their next flagships until it’s officially announced.

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