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Samsung Galaxy S IV renders leaked, reveal no front button on phone

Samsung won’t officially show off its latest flagship smartphone, the Galaxy S IV, until next week, but some purported legitimate renders of the S IV have already surfaced.

As you can see, the S IV has taken a step back in time in terms of its shape, as the corners are much less round compared to the S III.  Previous rumors suggested that Samsung was going to ditch AMOLED in favor of something else, but as one of the leaked image revealed AMOLED won’t be going anywhere—in fact, this time around people will get a 1080p AMOLED display despite yield rate concerns.  Moreover, the screen real estate to bezel ratio continues to prove that Samsung is committed to providing people with as much display space as possible to play with.

Also within one of the leaked images is confirmation that the S IV will sport a 13MP rear camera.  Something else that’s even more intriguing is that the S IV won’t have a front button, a trademark feature on all previous Galaxy S’s.  The elimination of the front button means that the S IV will rely solely on Android’s built in virtual interface for many functionalities.

Leaks will continue to roll in as the March 14 date approaches, and we’ll be sure to keep you posted on all of them.

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