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Samsung Galaxy Note 7 investigation report made public

In a press conference held on Sunday, Samsung finally revealed the reason behind some Galaxy Note 7 units catching fire. The investigation found that the original Galaxy Note 7 units exploded due to a design flaw in the batteries, while the replacement units were catching fire due to a manufacturing defect in the batteries supplied by the second supplier.

The batteries used on the original Galaxy Note 7 units suffered from a design flaw in the upper left corner, which caused the electrodes prone to bend and in some cases led to a breakdown in the separation between the positive and negative tabs, which caused a short circuit. The replacement batteries which were supplied by a different supplier did not suffer from the same design flaw, but since the supplier decided to ramp up production to fulfil Samsung’s demands, they developed a manufacturing defect which caused the batteries to short circuit and catch fire.

Going ahead, Samsung has introduced a more stringent testing process, which will be reflected on all 2017 Galaxy handsets. “There are going to be some tests we’re going to do that we believe go well above and beyond the industry standard,” said Justin Denison, head of product strategy and marketing for Samsung US.

Samsung’s investigation involved 700 dedicated staff, 200,000 phones and 30,000 additional batteries. The findings were also validated by three independent testing firms – UL, Exponent, and TUV Rheinland.

Source: Recode

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