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Samsung Galaxy Note 5, S6 Edge+ unveil date pegged as August 12

As previously speculated, it seems the two phablets will indeed come out together at a mysterious press event preceding the IFA 2015 festivities.

Samsung Galaxy S6

With each passing day, we’re closer and closer to Samsung’s highly anticipated Galaxy Note 5 announcement, so naturally, the number of unanswered questions is reduced. The latest solved puzzle concerns the iPhone 6s/6s Plus-predating timetable.

In breaking with tradition, both Sam Mobile and Digitimes say the next-gen premium 5.7 (or 5.9) incher is scheduled to debut weeks, not days before the IFA Berlin kickoff. How sure are we of the August 12 date’s accuracy?

Very, since the two publications’ sources corroborate one another, and a separate mole tipped off basically the same ETA a few days back. Bizarrely, the “Taiwan-based telecom carrier” insiders quoted by Digitimes hint at an August 14 commercial launch in “major markets”, whereas Sam Mobile’s snitches point to a slightly longer turnaround.

Still impressively and unusually short, though, as August 21 is reportedly this gossip outlet’s deadline.


It’ll be interesting to see if Sammy can pull off a similarly swift rollout for the Galaxy S6 Edge Plus, aka S6 Edge+, which should essentially replace the Note Edge as the new standard Note’s dual-curved sibling. This will no doubt greatly resemble the S6 Edge while stepping up the screen diagonal, ultimately adopting an Exynos 7420 processor, not a Snapdragon 808, apparently.

Also, 3 GB RAM, compared to 4 under Note 5’s hood. The latter, which may itself look eerily similar to a Galaxy S6, shall use a fancy new “all-in-one” Exynos 7422 SoC, redesigned S Pen, USB Type C connectivity and the prodigious 5 MP selfie camera introduced by the now aging flagship 5.1 inchers.

The microSD card slot absence is unfortunately a near guarantee after being filed under assumptions recently, and a user-removable battery feels but a sweet, absurd dream. On the bright side, the aluminum-and-glass big guy, coated in silver, gold, black and white, should considerably trim Note 4’s fairly plump bezels.

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