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Samsung Galaxy Note 5 display beats Note 4, every other smartphone around

According to DisplayMate, you can’t find a sharper, brighter, more colorful and energy-efficient mobile screen than that of Sammy’s newest S Pen-supporting phablet.

Galaxy Note 5 display

Reckon there’s virtually no difference between the display performance of all the Quad HD smartphones on the market, especially the equally sized Galaxy Note 4 and 5? Think again, as extremely thorough testing actually found big upgrades brought to the table by the new guy.

Yes, the rookie that Europeans may never get a stab at is apparently the handheld with the best all-around display in the world. Before our old continent-residing readers fall into a deeper depression, let us highlight “the performance of the OLED display on a flexible plastic substrate for the Galaxy S6 Edge+ is now essentially the same as on a traditional glass substrate for the Galaxy Note 5.”

Why isn’t DisplayMate then awarding the S6 Edge+ its highest honor? Beats us, but you probably won’t see any dead pixels, shoddy color reproduction, underwhelming brightness or anything else wrong with the device that represents “the wave of the future.”

Samsung Galaxy Note 5

There are multiple good reasons the Note 5 deserves the crown it snatched away from the Note 4, in spite of the two’s identical 2,560 x 1,440 resolution and very close 515 or so ppi. For starters, the Contrast Rating for High Ambient Light now ranges from 86 to 116, which is “among the highest ever measured.” Translation – Note 5 text is easily readable even in direct sunlight.

Then you have “the most accurate colors for reproducing all standard consumer content”, a new record in peak brightness, as well as the smallest Brightness Variation with Viewing Angle. Needless to explain the former two, while the latter means the panel pretty much stays just as vivid, regardless of your viewpoint.

The icing on the cake is hands down Samsung’s flawless balancing of its diverse resources and in-house technologies, which allowed the Korean OEM to drive a 21 percent increase in power efficiency thanks to the 14 nm-based Exynos 7420 SoC. So yeah, that smaller battery will actually provide superior endurance, working together with a speedy but frugal processor and mind-blowingly sharp screen.

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