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Samsung Galaxy Note 4 doesn’t bend, but a defect may still spawn its own #bendgate

Karma is so not a nice lady.


Unlike LG, which committed quite a serious error in judgment when trying to troll Apple for iPhone 6’s #bendgate woes, Samsung was pretty careful to humorously gain the upper hand instead of losing it. What the Koreans never considered though is no one’s invulnerable to manufacturing flaws in the great mobile tech universe.

And while the Galaxy S5 and Note 3 recently passed bend tests with flying colors, and we have reasons to believe the Note 4 will do the same, a separate and perhaps more bizarre defect just came to light, thanks to a few lucky owners of Sammy’s latest flagship phablet.

Only released in Korea in limited quantities at the moment, the Note 4 isn’t exactly what you’d call air-tight sealed as far as its face is concerned, with the display and metallic frame unnaturally separated.

Now, it sounds a little worse than it actually is, as the gap is minuscule and nothing feels wobbly or anything, but still, you can cram a standard-issue business card between the phone’s panel and carcass, and that’s not normal.

Galaxy Note 4 gapgate

Not to mention in the long run it could lead to the screen popping out and, well, falling off, or, less dramatically but maybe equally damaging, liquids and corrosion easily making their way to internal components.

Above all though, it’s certainly frustrating to pay close to 1,000 bucks and not get a flawlessly constructed slab in exchange. Frustrating and unacceptable.

So next time you’re in a comical mood, Samsung, be sure to stop and consider the beam that is in your own eye rather than the speck that is in your brother’s enemy’s. Oh, yeah, and you’d better make “Gapgate” go away before the Note 4 hits the Western hemisphere, or else you’ll get even more crushed by Apple’s towering iPhone 6/6 Plus sales.

Sources: G for Games, IT Today Korea

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