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Samsung Galaxy Note 12.2 visits Bluetooth SIG in Verizon uniform, also gets benchmarked

It may not be the most anticipated tablet release of the fall (that honor goes to Google’s Nexus 10 2013 hands down), but Samsung’s Galaxy Note 12.2 is rounding up some decent buzz, following a photo leak back in September, subsequent Bluetooth SIG approval and now another.

Galaxy Note 12.2

Plus, a short visit over at popular and oh so controversial benchmarking website AnTuTu. But first things first, why are we bothering with the slate’s second Bluetooth certification? We get it, it’s to come with Bluetooth 4.0 in tow, big deal, let’s move on.

Well, not so fast. Because this time the biggest Note ever carries a very intriguing model number: SM-P905V, compared with SM-P905, SM-P900 and SM-P901 before. And what does the “V” stand for? Velocity? Probably not. Vanity? It’s fitting, but nah. Instead, it most definitely stands for Verizon.

As in an LTE-enabled version headed for America’s number one wireless service provider. Now you understand why it’s a big deal? Because it’s near set in stone that Sammy has big plans for the 12-incher and doesn’t only intend to make it available, say, in Korea.

Note 12.2 AnTuTu

Moving on to the AnTuTu test, you probably know the drill already. Don’t take it for granted, salt in hand, etc, etc. Also, it’s the international Note 12.2 that got benchmarked (aka the SM-P905), not the Verizon-specific flavor.

Now how about the score? In one word, it’s… stellar. 35,901 points? I’m not sure if we’ve seen an Android slate going so high before. Hence, this fellow is likely destined to pack a spanking new Exynos 5430 “true” octa-core CPU (aka capable of using all eight cores at the same time). Or maybe the yet to be confirmed 64-bit Exynos 6 chip? Long shot, I know, but ain’t no one that can stop us from dreaming. Right?

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