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Samsung Galaxy Fold Issues Reportedly Resolved, Launch Due Next Month

After a spate of high-profile defects affecting review units, Samsung pulled its Galaxy Fold smartphone indefinitely. Set to launch at a retail price of USD 1,980, the foldable phone was plagued with issues especially concentrated around its screen.

The Samsung Galaxy Fold. Image: Samsung

Korean outlet Yonhap News reported just yesterday that the tech giant had resolved the issues plaguing the device, and is expected to release it next month.

According to the network, Samsung Electronics is in the process of testing mobile networks for the Galaxy Fold, which would take in the region of around a month to a month and a half before it can be released.

An official launch date is yet to be set pending licensing requirements for various countries.

Reportedly, Samsung’s engineering teams had managed to combat issues surrounding the screen “protector”, and ingress protection around the hinge. These problems made international headlines after major tech publications reported their review units had failed within days of receipt.

The screen protector is now better integrated with the body so that users are unable to remove it. Gaps in the hinge has also been minimised to reduce ingress of foreign substances. Previously, the upper and lower portions were susceptible, which some reported raised as potential flaws in the design of the phone.

Currently, the Singapore launch dates have been indefinitely postponed, and VR Zone will be on hand to deliver the latest news on the device.

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