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Samsung Galaxy C5 Pro, C7 Pro and C9 Pro could be announced soon

Samsung Galaxy C5 Pro, C7 Pro and C9 Pro could be announced soon

Samsung has been working on Pro versions of its Galaxy C series of smartphones, and word on the rumor mill has been that the new devices – the Galaxy C5 Pro, C7 Pro, and C9 Pro – could be launched on January 21. It seems that will indeed be the case, as a new leak says that Samsung will be announcing the new devices very shortly. An image of an official Samsung banner accompanies the leak.

These devices were initially expected to launch in late 2016, with many leaks having given us pretty much all the information on each device. Like the regular Galaxy C5 and Galaxy C7, the Pro versions (along with the C9 Pro) should be the most feature-packed mid-range phones from Samsung, with features such as a 16-megapixel camera and 6GB of RAM (at least on the C9 Pro). The new Galaxy A (2017) devices were recently announced with features such as water resistance, and the Pro versions of the Galaxy C lineup should come with slightly upgraded specs over the A series.

Samsung is currently keeping the Galaxy C handsets exclusive to China, similar to what it did with the Galaxy A smartphones when they were originally released. According to SamMobile, at least the C9 Pro will be made available in more Asian markets at some point, and we should see availability details surface at Samsung’s official announcement of the devices.

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