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Samsung Galaxy Alpha pricing, features and release timetable rumored again

Even with legendary @evleaks out of business, Samsung can’t stop the leaky Galaxy Alpha faucet from oozing unofficial information, and the past few days have brought an abundance of intel on everything from tech specs to probable release dates.

Galaxy Alpha regatta

It’s not out yet, but it might as well be. Samsung’s first ever stab at semi-metallic smartphone design is a worse kept secret than even the just-pictured Galaxy Note 4. Called Galaxy Alpha, it’s due for a formal introduction in roughly 24 hours, i.e. on August 13, according to multiple sources in the know.

Including a couple who’ve come forward now to basically confirm Sammy is aiming the 4.7-inch Android squarely against Apple’s looming iPhone 6. The smaller iPhone 6, that is, with the 5.7-inch Note 4 taking on the “iPhablet”.

The Koreans reportedly plan to shamelessly rain on Cupertino’s parade, putting off Galaxy Alpha’s global commercial launch until mid to late September, which just so happens to be iPhone 6’s ETA. Trolling level: master.

Meanwhile, it’s interesting to see marketing efforts are well underway on the old continent, as a Russian regatta held this past weekend featured pretty conspicuous Galaxy Alpha imprints and logos. Of course, the actual handheld never made an appearance at the event, but that’s what online leaks are for.

Galaxy Alpha

With aluminum strips around the frame and edges, and a familiar perforated plastic pattern on the rear, the upper mid-ranger showed its face and curves multiple times of late, being most recently captured on camera in the Netherlands.

Anything new, surprising, spectacular to note? Not really. The Galaxy Alpha is clearly handsomer than the GS5, but it’s a long way from the full-metal, premium high-end beasts everyone’s expecting from Samsung for years.

Oh, well, we’ll take whatever minor aesthetical advancement we can get, particularly as fresh gossip paints the bad boy a more affordable picture than before. Apparently, odds are the Galaxy Alpha will be priced at the equivalent of $670 in Europe (€500), which would put stateside retail costs at around $500. If the device ever heads to the US of A.

Galaxy Alpha

For the record, we’re talking the 32 GB flavor, with a 64 GB-er likely in the cards too, for a yet to be confirmed premium. Neither model will support expandable storage, and the rest of the features are naturally identical across the board: Snapdragon 805 or Exynos 5433 processing power (depending on markets), 2 GB RAM, 720p screen resolution, 12 MP rear camera, fingerprint scanner, heart rate monitor.

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