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Samsung Galaxy Ace 4 apparently denied Lollipop despite young age

At least in the UK, the 1 GB RAM-packing low-ender will reportedly stick to the software iteration it launched on less than a year back.

Android Lollipop

Although you have to assume a big chunk of Samsung’s mobile profits these past few years derived from the respectable sales results posted by countless entry-level Androids in both emerging and developed markets, oftentimes cash-strapped Galaxy buyers felt neglected.

Most notably, when certain Galaxy S4 mini variants were refused their update birth rights, supposedly on account of “memory limitations.” That was obviously not the real justification of the shocking snub, with 1.5 GB RAM inside the mid-range 4.3 incher, but it could explain why the Galaxy Ace 4 can’t run 5.0 or 5.1 Lollipop.

Technically, the 1 gig of random access memory under Ace 4’s hood should be enough to adequately uphold the Material Designed OS. In stock form, that is, with TouchWiz UI’s heft perhaps preventing it from reaching full decent potential.

Samsung Galaxy Ace 4

Ergo, it makes sense in a way to not want to mess up a fairly good thing, i.e. KitKat stability. Still, age is supposed to be more than a number in the Android landscape, and by no means is the Galaxy Ace 4 archaic.

Formally announced in June 2014, it rolled into “international” stores a couple of months later in 512 MB and 1 GB RAM configurations. The latter clearly deserved an update, at the very least, before kicking the bucket, which Samsung UK on Twitter says it’s not happening without offering excuses.

Let’s hope the British social media manager is wrong, or the ominous news concerns squarely a handful of European Ace 4s. Until hearing more, we won’t accept that’s the universal fate of the dual-core, LTE-capable budget soldier.

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