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Samsung Galaxy A9 likely benchmarked with octa-core Snapdragon 620

The identity of the recently tested smartphone isn’t confirmed, but its preliminary specs and Geekbench results suggest strong upper mid-range potential.

Samsung Galaxy A8

Samsung has already pushed the boundaries of non-flagship Androids this year, with the Full HD/Snapdragon 615/2 GB RAM-packing Galaxy A7 and A8, yet the Korean OEM’s mission of offering top-notch features outside the S and Note families looks far from over.

A mysterious upcoming Sammy handheld has been put through the paces earlier today, and before you even think it, no, there’s no conceivable way this is the Galaxy S7. It’s not an entry-level member of the J lineup either, as it touts no less than 3 GB memory, and an octa-core Qualcomm chip.

Specifically, an MSM8976, or Snapdragon 620, i.e. the as-yet unreleased sequel to the 615, and in all probability, a worthy SD810 contender. Yes, the future mid-end SoC should match or perhaps exceed the raw speed of the current spearhead, as 1,325 and 4,461 single-core and multi-core performance scores respectively seem to verify.

Galaxy A9 benchmark

In comparison, an 810-powered HTC One M9 racks up around 1,200 and up to 3,900 points, so if Qualcomm can get the 620’s cooling systems right, they and Samsung have a clear winner on their hands.

Of course, one must wonder if the retail price of this presumed Galaxy A9 may itself rival that of Snapdragon 810 devices out and about. Especially with a Galaxy S6-equal RAM count in tow, a Full HD display backed by the prototype’s convoluted name, LTE connectivity, Android 5.1 Lollipop software and, most likely, gifted cameras to match all these robust specs.

Source: G for Games

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