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Samsung Flip: The 4K Whiteboard Redefining the Office of the Future

Say goodbye to paper flip charts and whiteboards because the Samsung Flip WM55H is here.

The minimalistic styling of the Samsung Flip WM55H means it will not look out of place in any setting. Image: Samsung

In line with Samsung’s vision for a “workplace of the future”, the company has released this revolutionary product that takes away the bothers of traditional writing but still gives you that familiar feeling you get from writing on a paper or a whiteboard. The Flip’s goal is to create a more collaborative and engaging workplace for everyone in the office.

At the heart of it, the Flip is simply a really huge tablet, measuring 55 inches (about 1.4meters) diagonally. At a resolution of 3840 x 2160 (in landscape mode), the Flip makes sure everyone is involved in the discussions at every conference.

The Flip supports multi-user engagement. Up to four users can simultaneously write on the board. Everyone’s writing is unique and the Flip maintains that. By annotating in different colours and in your own handwriting, you can easily differentiate and identify who was responsible for that brilliant idea (and give them a raise).

Unlike other digital whiteboards, you do not require an expensive proprietary stylus to write on the Flip – literally, any stylus will do. Also, your hands are supported too! With your full palm, you can easily erase any part of the display: just like a whiteboard, but without any oily marker gunk.

For more interactivity, the Flip offers substantial device compatibility through both wireless connectivity and USB, PC and mobile ports. Samsung phones can use NFC directly with the Flip to quickly share with everyone what’s on your phone. Users can also import content onto the Flip, and notes taken on the Flip can be accessed via your personal devices too so you stop wasting time looking through pages of notes. Up to 20 pages of writing space are provided and all content can be secured with a password.

Each Flip display can be made comfortable for whoever is using it. Coupled with the Flip is its adjustable height stand. Swapping between portrait and landscape mode is easy – only requiring a simple tilt of the display. The flip also can be connected to compatible wall mounts if you need it for a more roundtable kind of meeting.

The luxury hotel, Ritz-Carlton Millenia Singapore has adopted and deployed a pilot fleet of the Samsung Flip made available to customers, in a move to expand their conference facilities and reduce their paper footprint.

Pricing of the Samsung Flip is available on request to Samsung through their site here.

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