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Samsung emphasizes ‘inspirational’ camera in vague Galaxy S6 teaser

Hype level – over 9,000.

Galaxy S6 camera

You may have felt the Galaxy S6 rumor avalanche was slowing down, now that we practically know everything about the “next big thing”, but Samsung’s buzz machine is barely warming up.

After confirming the date, time and venue of the hotly anticipated announcement, the Korean hype meister took to Twitter earlier today to offer an actual glimpse at #TheNextGalaxy. More like a rough sketch of S6’s protruding rear camera module, but we’ll take it.

Heck, we’ll take whatever bone trusted sources can spare, as visually, we’ve only seen bits and pieces of the flagship’s body. A metal frame here, a case-covered posterior there. Not to mention some “leaks” felt suspicious, and others outright implausible.

This of course is rock-solid, and although it’s also enigmatic as can be, it corroborates previous reports photography will be one of the departments most improved by the S6. With “great vision”, “a unique view” and, presumably, a 20 megapixel sensor, upgraded optical image stabilization system and heavily enhanced low-lighting capture.

Odds are we’re looking at the first in a series of short promotional videos set to drop before March 1, and we’re ready to wager the next few will focus on the speculated Quad HD display, 64-bit octa-core Exynos processor, all-aluminum exterior, bloat-free TouchWiz experience, and touch-based fingerprint recognition.

And let’s not forget the three-sided, dual-edged Galaxy S6 Edge, which may or may not be the only one of the two with 4 GB RAM as a multitasking driving force. So yeah, the gossip turmoil could get a little suffocating, but the S6/S6 Edge duo is probably worth all the hoopla.

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