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Samsung doesn’t want you to use their smartphones… sort of

The Galaxy S3 has been under heavy scrutiny recently. Some people have claimed that Samsung was deliberately trying to avoid its warranty obligations regarding screen burn-in problems by sneaking in new disclaimers. We bring to you some other common scenarios where Samsung doesn't want you to use their phones.

The manual is a link between a company and its customers.  It is where all the product use and warranty information is found.  Although lots of paper manuals are disappearing, companies are beginning provide electronic versions.  They also usually have legal teams to go through and include warnings in an effort to prevent anything that could harm customers or the companies.

The following phrase or one like it is always included in a mobile phone product manual:  'Be cautious using cell phone while walking or moving.'  However, it is rather contradictory to warn against using cell phone while moving because cell phone is basically a mobile phone (phone that's been designed for mobility!)  
The reason why this warning has been appearing in manuals is that more and more customers who have been injured in accidents while using a mobile phone have begun suing the mobile phone manufacturers. Similar to the infamous Mcdonalds hot coffee warning, the reason behind ruling when customers win these lawsuits is usually the lack of clarity or information in manuals. Companies have been forced to include even the most obvious warnings in their product manuals to avoid costly judgments against them.  
The warning about recently popular burn-in problem is included in the manual because of that reason as well. The AMOLED display is what Samsung has been employing since Galaxy S. Ordinary users do not typically experience screen burn-in because they occur when a user leaves a paused screen turned on for a long time or lets a screen display the same images repeatedly.  For any burn-in to occur because of the reasons mentioned above, a user would have to turn on the screen for a long time on purpose. But even before any screen burn-in happens, a phone would likely be out of power.
In the past year, however, customers requesting product exchanges due to broken displays drastically increased. After noticing this increase Samsung began to include the warning about improper usage causing screen burn-in. Similar warnings in the product manual include 'Do not put a cell phone near or inside a heater, a microwave or any cooking equipment, or a high pressure container'  and 'Do not let children or pets lick or bite a cell phone or its battery'.  The latest reported blow-up of Galaxy S3 was because a customer heated the phone near a microwave.
An insider source explained that "warnings in manuals are to suggest or advise rules and insights that users should observe in ordinary environments rather than companies trying to evade any responsibilities," and also added that "unless one purposely and unreasonably messes up a product, any user will receive proper warranty services."
Reference: DDaily

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