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Samsung details updates to 14nm process, showcases 10nm node


Samsung has scored several wins for its 14nm node, most notably a deal with Qualcomm that saw the manufacture of the Snapdragon 820 on Samsung’s second-generation 14nm LPP node. The foundry has moved to a third-generation LPC process earlier this year, and now Samsung is detailing the improvements coming to the fourth-generation 14nm node, as well as highlighting the 10nm third-generation process:

Samsung’s fourth-generation 14nm process technology, 14LPU, delivers higher performance at the same power and design rules compared to its third-generation 14nm process (14LPC). 14LPU will be optimally suited for high-performance and compute-intensive applications.

Samsung’s third-generation 10nm process, 10LPU, will provide area reduction compared to its previous generations (10LPE and 10LPP). Due to limitations of current lithography technologies, 10LPU is expected to be the most cost-effective cutting-edge process technology in the industry.

Ben Suh, Senior Vice President of foundry marketing at Samsung, said:

After we announced the industry’s first 10nm mass production in mid-October, we have now also expanded our lineup with new foundry offerings, 14LPU and 10LPU. Samsung is very confident with our technology definitions that provide design advantages on an aggressive process with manufacturability considerations.  We have received tremendous positive market feedback and are looking forward to expanding our leadership in the advanced process technology space.

Samsung announced the updates at its Samsung Foundry Forum, and also shed light on the 7nm EUV process. The updates will start rolling out from the second quarter of 2017, and we should see consumer hardware based on the new nodes sometime in early 2018.


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