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Samsung continues to build buzz around Quad HD, S Pen-toting Galaxy Note 4

Samsung is so excited about the upcoming Galaxy Note 4 that they can’t help but feed the press information which really should have stayed secret until September 3, the day the phablet will once and for all go official.

Galaxy Note 4 teaser

Not that there was a lot of mystery surrounding Galaxy Note 4’s screen resolution, but the Quad HD pixel count has just been confirmed via the horse’s mouth. Granted, Samsung’s execs are yet to go on record with the media on the subject of perhaps one of the flagship phone’s main selling points.

Still, we have the next best thing. A user agent profile discovered on Samsung Mobile’s own servers, which puts 2,560 x 1,440 in black and white. That’s QHD, Quad HD or 2K in technical terms, the next frontier in display crispness advancement, so far widely adopted only by LG on a spearhead device: the G3.

Deemed gimmicky by many as the differences between it and Full HD, aka 1,080p, are virtually imperceptible for the naked eye on conventionally small smartphone panels, the cutting-edge resolution may actually become a palpable upgrade on the gargantuan GNote 4, tipped to measure around 5.7 inches in diagonal.


Of course, this is merely the tip of the Note 4 upgrade iceberg, and Sammy’s been hyping a number of major technical improvements in a series of video promos and trailers. The latest puts the S Pen front and center, and while it doesn’t touch on any specific boost or tweak, it suggests the feature will be even more soul-touching, art-creating and live-enhancing than before. In a word, better.

Also better, the handheld’s ability to replace a computer in the processing speed and multitasking departments, thanks to an octa-core Exynos 5433 chip and 3 GB RAM. And yes, the former is likely to be a 64-bit concoction. Alternatively, some “international” Note 4 versions could pack a quad-core Snapdragon 805 CPU that while 32-bit-supporting, is wickedly fast too.

Now don’t forget to set your alarms for early this Wednesday, as Episode 2 of Unpacked 2014 starts streaming from Berlin at 9 am ET. See you there.

Sources: Samsung Mobile, GSM Arena

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