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Samsung and Conan bash ‘flaccid’ iPhones, LG misses #bendgate mark

The iPhone 6 mockfest continues, with Samsung front and center, Conan O’Brien as hilariously inappropriate as always, and LG the biggest clown of the day (not in a good way).

iPhone 6 Conan

Quick, before the jokes get old and the concerns alleviated. Everyone throw whatever ammunition they have left at Apple. Their sales numbers won’t budge, and Tim Cook will still use 100-dollar bills as napkins, but at least we’ll get a good laugh out of Cupertino’s “free fall”.

If we leave the humor to professionals like TV host and comedian Conan O’Brien, that is, and his wacky Team Coco. No stranger to yanking Apple’s chain (and, weirdly, Acer’s), the TBS late-night talk show presenter, writer and producer has the ideal replacement for your “flaccid” iPhone.

A rigid, stiff and hilariously generic “Samsung Galaxy”, which stays firm in your pocket all day and especially all night. Yet to pick up the erotic undertones? Then be sure to check out the semi-NSFW video clip below:

I almost feel ashamed to follow up that brilliant albeit vulgar parody with the latest in a long line of facile jabs thrown directly by Samsung at Apple. But that’s nothing compared to the sheer, well, idiocy of LG’s newest spoof effort.

Galaxy Alpha iPhone

So yeah, the semi-metallic Galaxy Alpha has no problem keeping its form inside skinny jeans, even though it’s actually thinner than the iPhone 6 Plus. Also, G Flex’s curved chassis is a feature rather than a defect.


But really, LG France, how hard is it to remember not to use a product part of the family you’re making fun of? It’s Social Media 101, not to mention Common Sense 101. Oh, well, I guess it could have been worse. You could have tweeted from a Samsung, which I’m pretty sure is a capital sin for LG G believers.

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