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Samsung could block the Galaxy Note7 from charging starting December 15

Samsung could block the Galaxy Note7 from charging starting December 15

The Galaxy Note7 was a monumental failure for Samsung, and the Korean company has taken numerous steps to ensure that consumers who bought the device return it to their carrier or retailer before it can cause more damage. More than 85 percent of Note7’s have already been returned in the US, but it seems quite a few people are still hanging on to their unit. Samsung has taken steps like blocking network access, limiting charging to 60 percent, and making the device show a warning every time the screen is turned on, but the manufacturer is now thinking of taking the final step, one that it perhaps should have taken much earlier.

A Note7 user on the US Cellular network in North America recently received a notification that Samsung would be pushing out an update on December 15th that will stop the device from charging at all. This would naturally result in the phone not working once the user depletes the battery, which should be the final straw for any Note7 customer lest he or she intends to keep the phone as a paperweight or a souvenir of what went wrong with what was perhaps Samsung’s most all-rounded flagship smartphone. There is currently no word on whether the four major carriers in the US will follow suit with a similar update, although it very likely that the update will make its way to the Note7 in every market in the coming days.

Still holding on to your Galaxy Note7? Head over to your retailer or carrier and turn it in for a new device or a full refund. Find more details here on how you can return your Note7 in Singapore, and also read up on what could have behind the phablet’s tendency to blow up.

Via: PhoneArena

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