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Samsung beware: LG has 3G-enabled smartwatch up its sleeve

Talking directly into your wrist may seem uncomfortable and geeky to some, but LG, just like Samsung, is planning to at least test the standalone smartwatch waters.


Quick, write down one potentially fatal flaw of the greatly anticipated but somewhat underwhelming Apple Watch. Just one. How many of you have meager battery life? Excessive pricing? Long waiting time? How about an excessively high degree of iPhone dependency?

That last one is the most distressing, isn’t it? And it was so easy for Apple to alleviate everyone’s concerns before they could even arise. They simply needed to put a standalone SIM card slot on the iWatch, sorry, Apple Watch.

Samsung can do it, no-name brands can do it, and apparently, LG’s going to do it pretty soon too. Much like their neighbors and mortal enemies, the G Watch makers are looking to dish out smartwatch after smartwatch, prepping G Watch R’s follow-up before the round-faced timepiece actually goes on sale.

Unless this thing is a variation of the G Watch R rather than a sequel, and it’s set to drop on Santa’s lap this holiday season. Which is possible, even probable, given the VC100/VC100P already got FCC’s obligatory pre-release stamp of approval.

LG G Watch

The regulatory agency confirms the wearable piece, which likely runs Android Wear, can support 3G connectivity on CDMA networks, so technically, carriers like Verizon and Sprint could sell the… G Watch R Solo (?) tomorrow.

Interestingly, the body of the upcoming LG gizmo measures 57.7 x 35.5 mm, which is noticeably larger than both the first-gen G Watch and G Watch R. Meanwhile, it’s much closer to, you guessed it, Samsung’s Gear S, the 2-inch display-sporting giant that measures a whopping 58.3 x 39.8 mm.

Guess LG isn’t afraid of being called a copycat as long as they can mess with Samsung sales. But can they? Are you interested in independent, voice call-featuring wearables no matter their retail costs? Have a particular price tag in mind? Give us a ballpark number in the comments section below.

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